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AC Noises Respira Shimmer Reverb + Tremolo

Respira is a stunning shimmer reverb and tremolo that will take your breath away. Its percussive ambience provide angelic sounds and textures perfect for cinematic soundscapes and brilliant atmospheres.

Respira features a shimmer reverb running into a multi-waveform lfo tremolo. The reverb features mix and decay controls to take you from subtle depth to deep ambience. It also sports internal trim pots to adjust the amount of +1 and -1 octaves in the shimmer to taste.

The tremolo features tap tempo control and 4 options for tremolo type: M (master) for standard optical tremolo, H (harmonic) tremolo, B (bass) modulating the low frequencies, and T (treble) modulating the highs. Respira's SYMMETRY knob is a special feature that lets you shift the tremolo onset toward attack or release.

Respira is lovingly crafted in Italy and we're so excited to present it to you at Little Box! Works great on guitar and synth to produce stunning ambient textures.

Hear what Respira is capable of here :
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