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Alexander Pedals Rewind Stereo Delay

Announcing the newest from Alexander Pedals' LEAP series - REWIND - A stereo delay that boasts TEN refreshed and reimagined delay algorithms from Alexander Pedals. Explore the warble and flutter of multi-head vintage tape echo, or the pristine sparkle of digital delay. Get lost in lo-fi or experimental tones with Rewind's pitch shifting, filtered delay, and lo-fi sounds to send you away on new adventures or chase that nostalgia you're pining for. ..and of course, as the name suggests, there is a reverse algorithm with bit crusher, forward/reverse blend, and much more.

Rewind will remind you why you fell in love with delay in the first place. It packs loads of sounds, dynamic display to make tweaking easy, MIDI, and stereo ins and outs. And it won't steal all the space on your pedalboard! Grab one today and pair it with Alexander's Space Force for a robust wet effects arsenal that won't break the bank!

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