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Analog Music Company So High So Low mkIII Preamp & Filter

UPDATE : all blue on blue units have shipped. Remaining units are en route and expected early/mid April. Thanks for your patience!

The SHSL (So High So Low) preamp is based on the high-pass/low-pass filter inspired by an MS-20 filter and a Moogerfooger preamp. It works wonders to add synth-like saturation and high and low-pass resonant filtering to whatever signal you throw at it.

High Pass and Low Pass resonant filters inspired by MS-20 with separate cutoff and resonance controls. Filters are arranged in series and have controllable resonance. Past the oscillation point each filter begins to self oscillate and can be used as a CV controlled oscillator.

SHSL has a dedicated preamp section which is inspired by Moogerfooger pedals providing the beautiful colouring to the sound. The pre section can operate in array of modes from light saturation to pushing the amp into overdrive/distortion territory.

CV & EXP -
Separate CV inputs for each filter allow to control the the pedal with the external controllers like Korg SQ-1 or Arturia devices. You can also sync it with your modular or semi modular system. Separate expression inputs for each filter allow controlling the SHSL with the expression pedal.

*runs on standard 9V center negative power.

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