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Fjord Fuzz BERSERK Vintage Fuzz
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A classic vintage fuzz with so much versatility! Added external controls and internal trimmers, a single transistor gain stage on the front end and output "fix" refine the original 60s circuits to help it play nicely with others.

Controls include a huge GAIN knob, VOLUME control, and a THICCNESS control which allows you to enable full bass response or tighten the circuit up by reducing the bass (great for use with humbuckers or darker guitars). Additionally, you have two push-buttons on the face of the pedal: The right-most engages an impedance fix on the input side and the left engages an output fix. This features two space echo style preamps in series to add output, sustain and some punch to send your tone soaring.

The BERSERK is meticulously dreamed up, designed and built in Norway. Features soft-touch relay bypass, backlit faceplate and top-mount jacks.

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