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Get the classic, lush chorus sounds of the CE-1 in a more compact, updated package with THE ONE CHORUS. True bypass, low-noise BBD spec’d after the MN3002 chip and standard 9v power make it pedalboard friendly without losing the magic of the classic vintage effect. Capped off with a stunning textured black enclosure and clean design this is sure to be your new favorite chorus or vibrato pedal.

From the builder :
The One Chorus is an accurate replica of the famous Boss™ CE-1 Chorus Ensemble – the pedal that has had such a great impact on the history of music that we love so much. John Frusciante, Brian May, Eric Clapton, Steve Morse – all of those guitarists used this icon unit on their records. The One Chorus works and sounds identically to the original unit. With The One Chorus, you get the same lush modulation and rich preamp crunch. I belive it’s the best chorus/vibrato you can find on the market. Experience the most beautiful modulation sound with less noise, great reliability and True Bypass option!

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