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Horrothia FX Teeth Discrete Low-Gain Overdrive

Teeth is a low-gain overdrive designed to allow players to blend transparent, clean signal with a low-gain overdrive circuit. Its characteristics remind me of console preamps that provide not only volume but a touch of compression and character and a texture of their own. The overdriven tones are subtle and warm, reminding me of small tube amps from the 50s and 60s being pushed into saturation.

The Saturation control sets the blend of the signal, with max WET setting still allowing a touch of clean to retain clarity. This control simultaneously sets the gain of the overdrive. The CLIPPING control swings from hard to soft clipping, depending on your preference. The BREATH switch engages a slight upper-mid frequency nudge to increase shine and is great to add back clarity to darker pickups.

As is to be expected from Horrothia, Teeth is made with the highest quality components, rugged enclosure and military-grade footswitch, and clean aesthetics.

Hear the TEETH in action:
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