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Mile End Effects mthrfckr:rptr Tape Echo
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Excited to welcome the mthr:fckr rptr from Mile End Effects into the collection! It's a beautiful, lush tape-style echo with two unique and nostalgic modulation modes, a preamp to add warmth or grit to your sound, and kill-dry mode, and momentary self-oscillation via foot switch. If you're looking for warn tape textures or warm tape grit to pair with your favorite fuzz or modulator this is an excellent candidate!

Hear the sounds :

From the builder :
This pedal is where I finally landed after years of appreciating and collecting malfunctioning tape machines, trying to find units with JUST the right amount of low fidelity wobble, hiss and saturation (usually right before the machine becomes entirely unusable). The mthrfckr=rptr is at its core a delay pedal aimed at capturing the beautifully haunted artifacts found in poor quality or degraded magnetic tape and dedicated to the unstable mechanical nuances of a malfunctioning capstan motor. Random, non-cyclical LFO modulation is what mimics the very inconsistent modulation of physical tape being pushed across magnetic tape heads by a DC motor. In addition, a switchable PreAmp circuit allows you to drive the mthrfckr=rptr into a fizzy, blown-out, tape saturated overdrive. I have been heavily inspired by this sound and my hope is to inspire others who have been moved by the sound of these old malfunctioning tape machines and offer the tools to recreate it without having to stumble upon the small window of opportunity somewhere between functionality and ruination.

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