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Holy Island Tides V2 Dirty Reverb
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From the builder:
Tides is fundamentally a highly tweak-able dirty reverb. A more accurate description of the pedal would be an atmosphere generator that allows you to craft perfect noisy waves of reverb. Usually you would be advised to place all dirt before your reverb pedal but Tides ignores this convention and provides you with not one, but two gain-stages after your dry signal has been blended with the reverberated signal. This approach enables you to create over the top fuzzy walls of sound sprinkled with interesting harmonics and sonic artefacts that would not be achieved otherwise. When pressed, the momentary 'swell' foot-switch forces the pedal into self oscillation as the reverb signal is fed back into itself for wild washes of sound and feedback as and when you desire. The final trick up the pedals sleeve is an effects loop, which allows you to place any effect (or chain of effects) that you can imagine onto your reverberated signal to further expand the ability for sonic exploration and the discovery of new, unconventional sounds. The ultimate shoegazers wet dream.

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