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Bondi Sick As mk3 - Peach [exclusive]

I'm THRILLED to bring you one of my all-time favorite overdrives in this super vibey Peach exclusive colorway.

The Sick As mk3 is an ultra-refined, ultra-versatile take on the classic Klon-style drive, with Bondi's dynamic active bass and treble EQ, a clipping toggle for more compressed / more open, soft-switching, ultra-low noise floor, and more.

The Sick As works wonderfully from clean boost to overdrive and anywhere in between. It's the perfect overdrive to anchor your pedalboard with, whether you're a midwest emo fan, shoegazer, P&W player, or John Mayer fan. It can really do it all.

Sick As mk3 takes standard 9v center negative power, requiring ~67mA of current. Dimensions are ~4.7" x ~3.7" x ~ 1.3"

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