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COARSE PICKS - 12 Pick (exclusive Pearl White Tin!)

Add dramatic textural changes to your tone on the fly with these fantastic dual-tone picks from COARSE PICKS!

I found out about these dual-tone guitar picks years ago through their Kickstarter and recently re-discovered them (after losing nearly all of my originals - doh!) I was thrilled to get them in the shop with a super sleek pearl white tin - now with baby blue grip logo! They are my favorite guitar picks to date and I hope you love them too!

Hear COARSE picks in action!

Coarse picks have two picking points: one polished for clean bell-like tones, the other textured for a gritty, raspy timbre.

A good piece of gear deserves a good hardcase. Coarse picks come in a metal case perfect for attaching to your pedal board.

The details:

- 12 picks per pack
- 0.88mm thickness
- 165 grit texture - plays well over a variety of string gauges

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