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EAE model feT Preamp/Drive

The model feT is a pedal recreation of the Sunn Model T amplifier. Beloved for its thick, heavy drive tones, the secret sauce of the model feT is that it can also produce "big" cleans that feel powerful and clear, bright yet bold. Its 6-knob interface really make you feel like you're dialing in an amp, with plenty of tonal directions to choose from.

I first used the model feT on a clean ambient track, acting as a preamp at the end of my chain running into a GFI Cab Zeus - it was amazing how much the pedal brought the cab simulator to life! Perfect for that setup, whether you're using a UA OX Stomp, Iridium or your favorite IR loader.

More from the builder :
Most famous Model T tones come from putting a distortion or fuzz in front of the amp. Thus, the Model feT is designed to sound good on its own and with other pedals stacked in front. This pedal goes beyond the standard triode-to-JFET emulation approach with the inclusion of an emulated power amp. This broadens the range of gain and—in the true spirit of the original amp—allows for massive headroom and volume output. This greatly expands its capabilities beyond a typical drive pedal: the Model feT can be used directly into a power amp, cab simulation, or DAW.

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