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Homenoise More or Less

NEW! Homenoise More or Less : a HI-FI Toneshaper and Tunable Boost


The more or less is not just a boost circuit. Inside the pedal you’ll find a mode switch that opens up another range of sonic possibilities. Learn more about the two modes below!

More or less's primarily a hi-fi toneshaper designed to affect frequencies just on the edge of and outside the guitar frequency range, making it possible to shape and improve the tone of your guitar or setup anywhere in the signal chain. At the beginning it can be a buffer but more importantly, it changes the way everything else responds to your instrument and makes your instrument shine right at the start of your setup. Connect it to the output of a fuzz or overdrive to get rid of harsh clipping noise or muddy low end tones. And at the end of the signal chain, it can be a line driver between your pedalboard and amplifier that adds the finishing touch to your sound while making sure you don’t have to worry about losing signal across long cables.

All this shows what the more or less was designed to be. A pedal that makes it easy to get the best sound out of your guitar and that will be missed when it’s turned off.


The mode switch inside the more or less can be used to select either mode A or mode B which alters the way you can use the more dial:

mode A is tone shaping, with more giving 22db of boost or cut to low end and less giving 22db of boost or cut to high frequencies

mode B is boost mode, with more giving unity to 22 db full-freq boost and less giving you 22db of boost or cut to the high frequencies

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