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Horrothia FX Triage Preamp/Overdrive
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The Horrothia FX Triage is a fantastic preamp/overdrive from one of my favorite builders over in the UK. The follow-up to Teeth, Triage carries with it some tonal similarities in a stripped-back interface and more approachable price point.

Triage excels as a boost, preamp, or overdrive with a nice nuanced range of gain and tone. It sits decidedly in the low-gain territory, andI love it on guitar or bass as a slight texture adder. You can also crank it up and flip the Mid Peak control for some more punch if needed. Running it into my UA Ruby produced some of my favorite lead tones with a touch of delay and reverb after.

Like all of Horrothia's products, Triage is built with bullet-proof construction, military grade switch and components, and aesthetic elegance. Make Triage the next addition to your overdrive section!

Hear it in action with the Type One :
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