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Science Amplification MOTHER Dual Preamp Pedal
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Introducing the MOTHER Dual Preamp pedal, the first pedal offering from Science Amplification! In close collaboration with John Snyder / EAE - Science Amplification set out to capture the magic of their Mother Dual Channel amplifier in pedal form and this thing delivers. Sparkly clean preamp tones on Channel A and huge, thick saturation in Channel B the MOTHER delivers loads of versatility and amp-like character in a channel switching pedal.

Use it as an overdrive/distortion in your drive section or pair it with a power amp or cab sim / IR loader - either way you'll be in good hands.

MOTHER features two channels, with bass/middle/treble EQ controls, DEPTH control to fine-tune the pre-overdrive low end (from tight to loose), and an ABSENCE control for warmer high end or more bite and cut.

Hear it in action , paired with a Benson Germanium Boost and UA Ox Stomp
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