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Tubesteader Magnezium

MAGNEZIUM™ is a two-channel preamp inspired by the sound of the highly-coveted "Magna" Super 59 amp.

MAGNEZIUM™ features two fully independent channels - for low and high gain - and has an option of external switching between them via the 1/8" side-mounted jack.

It combines Fender's "tearing silk" and Marshall's "clank" overdrive tones in one pedal, giving you the best of both worlds.

The low-gain channel delivers a rich bottom end with Bassman-style overdrive, while the high-gain channel adds a Marshall-style gain stage at the front of the circuit. Perfect for classic Southern rock sounds.Cranking the gain past noon will take you firmly into harmonically rich ZZ Top-riffing territory.

The MAGNEZIUM™ has an all-tube signal path and true-bypass switching. It's equipped with a pair of 12X7 tubes operating at full 250VDC - all converted from a standard 12VDC input.

A toggle switch on the side of the preamp offers two output modes: a higher output for direct connection to a power amp or a cab sim and an attenuated mode with a treble cut for connection to the front of an amp.

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