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Welcome to Little Box Effects!  I'm glad you are here.  Let me tell you a little bit about why I decided to launch this site.

First by way of introduction, I'm Andrew.  My time in music began at the age of 12 year old - picking up a guitar for the first time after my dad introduced me to it. Over the past 20+ years it has gradually evolved to included numerous studio projects, live shows, tours, and other creative pursuits centered around music and the gear used to make it.  I currently write music as and curate content for Ambient Endeavors and have also operated Analog Endeavors for over a decade now.  

The idea for Little Box Effects came after realizing just how many great little international builders there are doing cool things around the globe.  Through Ambient Endeavors, I've had the privilege of demoing dozens of relatively unknown pedals, many of which have stood out as some of my favorites.  I have also realized the barriers US players encounter when wanting to try or buy some of these: costly shipping and long wait times, limited batches selling out quickly, and limited information about the builder.  My thought was to do some of the vetting and risk-taking for you and offer a highly-curated, micro-retail experience for those hunting for the next cool effect.  

I thoroughly enjoy the chance to connect with builders around the globe as well as to chat with musicians near and far about what they're enjoying or looking for.  I want Little Box Effects to feel just like that: an alternative to the big-box retail sites flooded with pages and pages of options.  Instead, I'll curate and carry pedals I'm really excited about and ones that have limited representation in the States.  I'm always interested in hearing from you about what you'd like to see offered, and will thoughtfully research and consider your recommendations!

For those still hesitant about an "upstart" retailer, I hear you.  Too many stories of brands and stores gone dark and leaving buyers in the lurch. I take pride in some "resume items" including a degree in Finance, 10 years experience running Analog Endeavors, 4000+ great transactions on, and dozens of great arrangements partnering with brands such as Fender, Vox, Yamaha, Walrus Audio, Eventide and many others in content creation and demos. If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to say "hi", please reach out via the Contact tab and start the conversation!



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