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29 Pedals EUNA Elite Unity Amplifier
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EUNA is an Elite Unity Amplifier - a sonic beautifier and harmonic enhancer. It's a pedal for those *wanting* to love buffers but struggling to jive with the conventional buffer or line driver. EUNA makes it simple with 3 toggles to engage/disengage Harmonics (H), Bright (B) and Low end (L). EUNA also sports an effects loop that is engaged when the pedal is OFF, so you can run a fuzz in the loop and and disengage EUNA to avoid that pesky interplay between buffers and fuzz.

Additionally, EUNA has a super flexible WHATEVER power jack able to accept ANY power between 7.5 and 35v AC or DC power, either polarity. No joke!

EUNA is thoughtfully designed and handmade in CA, USA.

Dimensions of EUNA are 4.875" x 3.625"

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