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29 Pedals JFET Boost

JFET is the newest creation from 29 Pedals. The JFET is a ground-up boost designed with both simplicity and versatility in mind. JFET features 3 "modes" selectable by a toggle to shape the eq response of the boost circuit. N is a "normal" flavored boost; plenty of top-end sparkle and clarity, nearly treble boost territory. F starts to rein the high frequencies in a bit, delivering a bit more present low and low mid warmth. X is the most extreme, where the boost circuit develops a feeling of weight and even more warmth and body. X mode brings the top end of the circuit down under 10kHz to deliver a more focused yet rich response.

The sole dial on the pedal controls level. The gain of the boost circuit is set, so the level control simply acts as a master fader , going from unity to +19dB of volume.

JFET works well at various points around your pedalboard and does wonders to push your downline pedals into further clipping or your tubes into singing saturation.

As with all 29 Pedals products, JFET is designed and built in CA, USA with great care.

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