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Welcome - the beautiful new stereo granular reverb from AC Noises!

Always elegant, thoughtful and inspiring, AC Noises is at it again with a transcendent stereo granular reverb. With tradition and reverse reverb that ranges from subtle to cavernous and a wildly fun granular synthesis circuit, RICORDA pairs two essential effects to create an ambient player's paradise. Create glittery, glitchy shimmer textures with octave up grains, or dense washy swells of reverb, and so much more.

RICORDA also offers the ability to freeze reverb textures for ambient pad-like elements, as well as capture phrases in its looping function. With loads of secondary controls, RICORDA allows you to tweak and fine-tune your granular sounds and textures to your heart's content.

RICORDA is the stereo granular reverb you've been looking for!

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