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Beautiful Noise When the Sun Explodes
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The When the Sun Explodes is a shoegazer's dream pedal, with beautiful lush reverb, grit and gain from an overdrive circuit, and feedback and oscillation mayhem at the press of a button.

Some have asked "how does the WTSE and Tides v2 compare?" are some thoughts and comparisons:
They're innately quite similar! Tides has an fx loop. Tides feels more like a low/mid gain drive with a reverb around it (can set it before or after the drive circuit). It can get crunchy but has some really nice more mellow tones. The WTSE feels like it has a higher ceiling with more mayhem; the drive is more aggressive and can get huge when max'd. Also the feedback of the WTSE is more stuttery as you can set the rate of the lfo and kinda get a tremolo type feedback chaos. On the Tides it is more of a slow build, billowing feedback, more pleasant to my ears but conversely less chaotic/havoc-inducing. WTSE reverb feels a bit brighter and more reflective over all, with a good amount of pre-delay. The Tides feels a little more like a classic spring reverb tone.

Both have kill dry, both have a boost, WTSE lets you select asym/symm clipping or none and has an expression input.

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