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Bondi Effects Del Mar mk2

I can confidently say this is one of my top 3 drives of all time. The Del Mar is a melting pot of inspiration from Klon, Tubescreamer and Bluesbreaker that delivers articulate clean boost tones all the way to dynamic, rich mid-gain saturation. Two clipping options give you either a more compressed, lower-headroom sound or a more open, Bluesbreaker style clipping. Add Bondi's incredible active Bass and Treble EQ section and the Del Mar is sure to become a focal point of your drive section.

The mk2 features refinements to the power section, a lowered noise floor, and soft-touch true bypass switching - along with a beautiful wave design aesthetic on the classic golden box. A small batch is available and shipping now!

Watch the Ambient Endeavors demo of Del Mar mk2 here :
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