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Browne Amplification Carbon v2

The Bluesbreaker has long been my favorite low-gain overdrive circuit, and the Carbon V2 is a beautiful take on the classic with some excellent refinements. The original BB has a good deal of quirks: low overall output, finicky gain sweet spots, and (in my opinion) a poorly voiced tone sweep. The Carbon V2 delivers much more versatility, clarity, and nuance in a compact, straight-forward design.

One of the first things I noticed about the Carbon was how bright and articulate it can be. While that is useful in some settings it can be limiting in others. The V2's added 3-way toggle lets you add slight or significant high end "taming" when using certain guitars or running into different amps.

This one is going straight on my board and would make a great companion to your drive section as an always-on, first stage low-gainer, or an end-of-chain boost.

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