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Browne Amps Protein - Whiteout
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So excited to partner with Browne Amps to bring back the Whiteout Protein! This Whiteout version features stunning white synth style knobs to exhibit a super sleek, vibey look without losing sight of your settings. Aesthetically, these are some of my favorite knobs, but they also offer a beautiful tactile experience, making on the fly adjustments smooth and easy. No other modifications to the circuit, it still delivers the same exceptional tones as many have come to love from this overdrive.

V3 features soft-switching and top jacks.

About the Protein:

Protein is an incredible dual overdrive with two refined takes on classic overdrive sounds. The blue side draws inspiration from the classic "breaker" circuit, while the green side is a more mid-focused overdrive popular with many Nashville session players. Use them independently, or stack them for incredibly rich overdrive tones.

You can also select a mode internally that lets you run & control each side independently via a bypass switching systems. In this mode, you run a TRS to dual-TS "Y" cable to each jack, allowing you to put that side on its own loop. This adds tons of versatility for your pedal chain!

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