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Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water K-Field Modulator
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Lo-fi is the new hi-fi and this one is here for the party. Wade into the depths of the unpredictable with this fantastic, unique modulator. The Shallow Water is your gateway to those irregular, non-cyclical chorus and vibrato tones that help simulate old wore out tape machines.

Shallow Water features some familiar controls, like rate, depth, mix and volume to start crafting your new chorus and vibrato tones. In addition, the LPG controls an envelope going to the low-pass filter, which allows you to smooth out notes coming in or accentuate dynamics and brighten the circuit, making the lo-fi qualities of the bucket brigade chip more prominent. It also features a DAMP control that affects the slope of the modulating signal. All that to say - it's a ton of fun and sure to produce sounds you weren't expecting but will soon come to love.

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