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Fjord Fuzz SOL - Fuzz & Vibe [EXCLUSIVE]

I'm thrilled to announce the US exclusive SOL Fuzz & Vibe from Fjord Fuzz! Only available in the States at Little Box, the SOL is available in three dazzling color ways, with the same 2-in-1 circuit pairing classic dynamic fuzz textures and gooey, phase-y vibe sounds in one compact pedal.

SOL combines a simple yet venerable one-knob fuzz circuit with a chorus-only uni-vibe effect to deliver a shoegazer or psych rocker's dream pairing. Get lush, swirly vibe tones, rich fuzz textures, or fuzzed-out mayhem with the simple kick of a switch and turn of a knob. Each side can run independently or together!

Control set includes a volume knob for fuzz, depth and rate controls for vibe. Independent footswitches control bypass on/off for each circuit. Top mount jacks and standard 9v power round out the SOL, making it an easy addition to your pedalboard!

SOL is available in three distinct and stunning color ways : Standard Cream & Copper, Little Box's own whiteout, and a limited run with burnt copper rainbow face plate on white enclosure. These are highly limited so get one while you can!

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