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OKKO Diablo Dual - Limited Turquoise

So excited to offer a limited run of a classic dirt box! OKKO's Diablo has been a cult classic for years; a super dynamic and versatile 2 channel overdrive and distortion. Diablo Dual offers a wide range of textures, from powerful clean-ish boost to rich, complex distortion saturation and everything in between. The magic of Diablo Dual is in the DYN control, which starves the voltage to affect the headroom, compression and saturation character. A three-way toggle lets you "tune" the input for various signals and sounds with Normal/Low-gain/top boost settings.
FEED controls low frequencies in the input section , and BODY controls the bass and low-mid frequencies for a fat sound.

Diablo Dual delivers rich, amp-like tones and textures, is delightfully touch sensitive and wildly dynamic. Grab a classic in a stunning and limited turquoise color way while they last!

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