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Tubesteader Beekeeper
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The Beekeeper is a hand-built guitar preamp in a pedal, featuring two vacuum tubes running at high voltage.

Its design is inspired by the famous ODS circuit, usually associated with the signature sound of many legendary guitar players. As a result, Beekeeper has a sparkling clean tone, which is gradually pushed into a smooth, rich, and touch-sensitive overdrive as you crank up the gain.

There are several ways to integrate the Beekeeper into your rig: it can be connected to the other pedals on a pedalboard, into the front end of an amp, or directly into a power amp or FX-return input. It also works fantastically well as your pedalboard "amp" feeding your favorite IR loader or cab sim.

The Beekeeper is a very “amp-like” pedal and responds accordingly. It’s not just a simple “stomp and go” pedal - some exploration is required to reveal its true potential. Spend some time with it and you will be richly rewarded!

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