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Tubesteader Egg Nog

The Eggnog is a single-channel tube overdrive and preamp pedal going back to the small, yellow-patterned combination amplifiers made in Fullerton in the 1950s. Based around a 12AX7 tube running at high voltage (250VDC) to accurately capture the feel and breakup characteristics of a low-powered Tweed, the overtly-American preamp circuitry can transform any clean amplifier into a raspy box of vintage Fendery goodness.

The tube is pushed by an always-on MOSFET gain stage, giving your guitar a helping hand in nudging it towards the spongy, saggy, character we know and love in those old amps once they’re breaking a sweat. But if you’re in the mood for a little extra juice, stepping on the second footswitch activates the Boost level knob, giving you control over how hard the tube is being pushed.

The Eggnog also has ample output level on tap to feed a power section directly; bypass your amp’s front end via an FX Loop return; or give a healthy signal to any modern IR cab sims.

If you’re a fan of the Southern blues-rock of ZZ Top; the boxy, honky breakup of Joe Walsh in his prime; Keef’s raunchy rock & roll; the screaming lead tones of Mr. Bonamassa; or (at the extremes) the “excitable” low-end of Neil Young…the Eggnog will deliver those syrupy, original American tones in spades.

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