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Tubesteader Lightkeeper v2

Thrilled to be carrying Tubesteader products - tube-driven preamp pedals made in Canada!

The Lightkeeper v2 is a compact tube-driven preamp and overdrive patterned after the fabled Dumble circuit. It features silky cleans with dynamic amp-like feel. The three band EQ extends the familiar Fender style tone-shaping with refinements - particularly in the midrange - to deliver that mythical Dumble feel. The Lightkeeper v2 also features DEEP and BOOST functions to further focus the mids or nudge the circuit into saturation, respectively.

The Lightkeeper works exceptionally well as an overdrive or preamp and will fit nicely on your pedalboard. Additionally, it is well-suited to live at the end of your chain as your "amp". Send it into your favorite cab sim or IR loader for responsive feel and dynamic tone thanks to the onboard 12AX7 tube.

Hear the Lightkeeper v2 in action here :
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