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Tubesteader Sunkeeper
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The Sunkeeper is a dual channel, all-tube preamp and overdrive pedal, designed to capture the classic Orange sound of ages.

It offers up all the massive, fuzzy gain that has kept us headbanging throughout recent decades. But dial it back and you have classic '70s punch; edge-of-breakup grit; and dynamic British cleans to get your power ballads really sparkling.

With two 12AX7 tubes onboard running at 250VDC (upped internally from a 12VDC supply), the Sunkeeper has all the touch sensitivity and subtle compression characteristics that you can only achieve by getting tubes nice and hot.

There’s ample level and brightness to drive a power amp directly or feed your IR cab
sim. But to run it straight into an amp’s front end, simply flip the toggle underneath the output jack to restrain the beast and make it play nicely with your existing preamp.

If you like your riffs with a good dose of vintage Fleetwood crunch; some zenith Sabbath gnarl; modern-day Pagey vibes; or all the stoner-rock filth you can handle…whatever flavor of orange you’re into, the Sunkeeper has got you covered.

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