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Wettmar Electric Analog Fuzz Selector
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Just in! The Wettmar Electric Analog Fuzz Selector is a seriously cool fuzz machine with dead simple controls. As its name suggests, its an analog fuzz with 3 preset fuzz sound available on a toggle, and a master volume control. Get thick, velcro fuzz tones and kick the octave switch for an octave boost into sonic mayhem!

More from the builder :
3 classic and disruptive fuzzes, selectable via a 3 way switch with additional foot switchable octave boost.

Each fuzz reacts differently to your playing style/guitar volume and push the octave circuit into different dimensions.

BYPASS: Engages the effect

CIRCUIT: 3 way selector switch for the three analog fuzz circuits.




OCTAVE: Engages the octave boost.

VOLUME: Controls the output level.

9VDC Centre Negative 2.1mm power supply input

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