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Wettmar Electric Interruptor Overdrive

The Interrupter Overdrive contains two different beasts.

At its friendliest, it’s a warm and full overdrive capable of everything between a dynamic light OD and amp pushing fuzz sounds. At it's unfriendliest, it’s a chaotic monophonic guitar synthesizer capable of multiple octaves and broken vintage synth sounding intervals.

With the Wave Generator footswitch engaged, the Wave control alters the cycle of the generator and produces a crushing amount of frequencies. Perfect for when you want to cover Free Bird but you're also in Lightning Bolt.

BYPASS: Engages the effect

WAVE GEN: Engages the Wave Generator

WAVE: Selects the wave generator type*

BLEND: Mixes between square wave fuzz and pure wave generator*

DRIVE: Controls the gain of the OD circuit

VOLUME: Controls the output level

*Only active when WAVE GEN is engaged

9VDC Centre Negative 2.1mm power supply input

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