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Mile End Effects PreAmp 150
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Justin at Mile End captures the vibe and sparkle of the Space Echo preamp in pedal form with the PreAmp 150. Featuring an additional clean boost, the PreAmp 150 works great to push an amp into sparkly breakup or just add some nuance and life the original pre is known for. Handmade in Canada and ready to enhance any signal chain you throw it in!

More from the builder:

This is the result of a love for the way a vintage Space Echo sounds when the PreAmp pushes an amplifier right to the brink of overdrive. Having owned many Space Echos, constantly scrambling to repair the fragile and now very valuable units over the years on tour became a bit of an issue, yet I wasn't ready to sacrifice the harmonically rich and glassy tone that the PreAmp section provided. There was always something that I found unique about the feel and tonal characteristics of the RE-150 due in part to its JFET based design, differing from the later 201 and 301 OpAmp based PreAmp sections. Coming up short in my pursuit of this sound in a more reliable and compact form, I decided to pay homage to the original design using now scarce NOS JFET transistors found in the original unit. To take things a bit further, a switchable clean boost was added to the circuit to drive the PreAmp harder, getting more gain and volume from the pedal. Simply use the PreAmp as an always-on effect to enhance just about every signal you give to it or engage it as a boost that seemingly highlights only the absolute best qualities in your amplifier. However you decide to use it, the gorgeous, dynamic sound that this PreAmp produces is really something special.

Instrument Volume - Controls the input volume of the Preamp

Output Volume - Controls the +dB volume and acts as a gain control, boosting the input level of the Preamp (Active only when the +dB switch is engaged)

+dB - engages the boost

The Preamp 150 can be operated at voltages anywhere between 9 and 18V DC for when higher headroom in needed for studio applications

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