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Vongon Polyphrase Stereo Echo

Vongon is always capturing my attention both with their beautiful, elegant devices and superb sounding effects. I fell in love with the Ultrasheer reverb and am thrilled that they have followed it up with Polyphrase - a stereo echo and looping device inspired by early 70s digital delay unit.

Polyphrase is essentially a dual delay with some unique signal routing and feature options. For starters, delay time is controlled by L and R sliders that can also be sync'd if desired. Delay time corresponds to the maximum delay time, with the sliders doing the fine-tuning.

Polyphrase can be run in dual stereo, ping pong, or mono configuration, with an option to run outboard effects in the echo's feedback loop when in mono.

Its tone control lets you introduce a high-pass filter on repeats to brighten them, or dampen the highs for a more analog-esque repeat when turned counter-clockwise.

Of course, Polyphrase includes Vongon's lush, nostalgic modulation with your choice of traditional sine wave or random waveform.

Polyphrase also includes onboard tap tempo, MIDI tempo sync, 9 MIDI accessible presets (via MIDI PC), and control of all faceplate settings via MIDI CC. It features buffered bypass and soft-touch switching.

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