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CooperFX Snow White Arcades + Ambient Endeavors Card
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The Little Box Exclusive Snow White CooperFX Arcades includes the new Ambient Endeavors card, which features the following algorithms:

Analog [Delay]
Tape [Delay]
TimeStretch [Grains]
VHS Verb [Reverb]
VHS Vibrato [GenLoss]
Vinyl [Lo-Fi]
Wash [new!]
Trem [new!]

**First batch of Snow White Arcades is limited to 10 units.**

More about Arcades:

The CooperFX Arcades is a cartridge-based, multi-algorithmic platform capable of a wide array of sonic textures and creative inspiration. Arcades operates as a console in which the user can insert any of the now 9 cartridges to call up unique DSP effects.

Each cartridge features 8 unique effects. These effects are controlled by 4 unique parameter controls and 4 universal parameter controls, giving you lots of flexibility over the range of tones you can achieve from each algorithm. In addition, the Arcades features expression input, MIDI in (3.5mm), presets, and ALT control functions accessible via the left foot switch.

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